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Our firm has an elite team of professionals who specialize in application and use of modern technology for information generation. We are therefore able to advise and assist in the establishment of a computer-based accounting system, should the case arise. In fact, we are in a position to computerize the following services for the need of our clients:

  • Initiation, writing-up and maintenance of a fixed assets’ register.

In modern day accounting and as specifically required by the Nigeria Accounting Standard Board (NASB) and International Financial Reporting Standard Board, every organization must keep proper records of its assets which should contain the following information about a particular asset amongst others.

  • Date of purchase
  • Name of suppliers
  • Description of the asset
  • Expected economic useful life
  • Depreciation rate
  • Annual depreciation amount
  • Net book value
  • Monthly preparation of payroll and all such necessary schedules.
  • Keeping of stock records. This is a very sensitive area which top management in most organizations pays very little attention to. The belief is that since this is not cash, very little can be lost through this channel. This, over the years, had proved to be a veritable scourge of many management team.

If anything is close to cash, it is stock; because of the ease with which it can be converted.

Our firm is in a position to put in place a modern and efficient system of stock accounting that will erase the problems associated with the traditional system of store keeping.

We use a combination of commercial collection technology and investigative corporate debt recovery techniques to conduct background checks and gather information that allows us to determine the best method of collection to improve your cash flow.

We also gather information on your customer's assets and liabilities, as well as indicators of corporate financial troubles, cash flow problems or bankruptcy proceedings. Then we'll work with you to devise the best and most effective corporate debt recovery plan.

Credit management often help to collect delinquent business accounts that might otherwise never be recovered. We stay on the job until the funds are in your hand.

We provide clients with a financial health review and offer advice on the following:

  1. Company and personal pension schemes.
  2. Investments;
  3. Retirement planning.

The services provided by our business advisory services practice are structured to help clients successfully navigate the rapidly changing landscape of opportunities that proliferate the emerging business world.

Our advisory service is focused on delivering tangible and measurable value to our clients.


The Business Plan provides expert advice on how to take a business idea and turn it into a polished business.

Business owners and corporate start-ups need to develop their business plan from day one. Ask any successful CEO, they will tell you that preparing and following their business plan was the key to their success.

We help clients to design, document and implement, customer-focused and efficient business processes, in accordance with their corporate goals and strategy.

The range of services provided under our Business strategy includes:

  1. Business process reengineering/improvement
  2. Customer relationship management
  3. Activity based costing/management


This usually serves as a guide on management of inflow and outflow of funds in a business concern.

We assist our clients to prepare and implement cash flow.

OUR DEBT SETTLEMENT PROGRAM is to negotiate settlements with your creditors. Our professional negotiators will skillfully negotiate your current level of unsecured debt for you, and essentially you will end up paying a fraction of that total debt.

We will communicate with your creditors on your behalf throughout the program so you no longer have to deal with burdensome phone calls and letters from them.


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The firm presently has three main partners, each of who have had on the average over 20 years of professional working experience. The profiles of the team are presented below:


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Our operational focus are in the areas of Auditing, Accounting, Management Consultancy, Tax Consultancy and other related services as required by clients e.g. due diligence. Our clients include Federal, State, Local Government Parastatals, Institutions, Limited liability companies, Partnerships, Schools, Sole traders and other interested third parties.