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Statutory Auditing

Our audit process is set up based on the understanding of each client, its industry and environment.

We use quantitative and qualitative methods to determine the extent of our work. We carry out substantive and other tests in a way to ensure all significant and material figures are captured in our auditing process. With this approach, we are able to deliver high quality audit reports to our clients namely Federal Government, Government Parastatals, Local Government, State Government as well as Non-profit Making Organisation and Private Companies among others.

Our auditing services are geared towards:-

  1. Statutory audit or specified procedures review.
  2. Assurance on compliance with regulations or with corporate governance requirements.
  3. Advising on controls and processing system deficiencies and weaknesses.
  4. Advising on accounting treatments in respect of complex transactions.

At Ben Ife Adekagun & Co, we function as externally-sourced internal auditor to our clients in order to ensure compliance with company and government policies and regulations.

To achieve the above objectives, we use a combination of industry knowledge, technology tools, and global internal audit methodology.

The philosophy underpinning our Internal Audit Services generally is to provide tailor-made audit services that are coordinated with our clients’ business strategies and help them increase as well as protect shareholder value.

We carry out special investigation for special purposes as may be directed by our Clients.

Some of these include:

  1. Purchase of business.
  2. Prospectus.
  3. Fraud.
  4. Advancement of Loan.
  5. Liquidation of Companies.
  6. Inefficient Performance of Duties (Work Study).
  7. Weakness of Accounting System that may lead to large scale fraud.
  8. Mode of awarding Contracts.
  9. Performance Appraisal and Certification of Works completed which leads to payments.

Due diligence is a vital intelligence discipline and has become an indispensable tool that enables corporate decision-makers and their legal advisors to gain and maintain a competitive edge.i.e Legal and Financial Business decision-makers responsible for strategic transactions and business relationships increasingly rely on investigative due diligence in their evaluation business investments, acquisitions, joint ventures, board appointments, customer relationships, and executive hires.
At Ben Ife Adekagun & Co, we pursue lines of inquiry well beyond the information found in ledger books and contract clauses which will in doubt assist you to take seasoned decisions.

System audit is otherwise called process audit. It is an audit of the systems by which an organization carries out its activities or functions.

It is also the auditing of the separate departments of an organization and the processes and procedures by which it carries out its functions in order to eliminate wastages.

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The firm presently has three main partners, each of who have had on the average over 20 years of professional working experience. The profiles of the team are presented below:


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Our operational focus are in the areas of Auditing, Accounting, Management Consultancy, Tax Consultancy and other related services as required by clients e.g. due diligence. Our clients include Federal, State, Local Government Parastatals, Institutions, Limited liability companies, Partnerships, Schools, Sole traders and other interested third parties.